70 Years as a fashion icon (among other roles!)

Last weekend the Platinum Jubilee was the chance for everyone to come together to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 year reign over this country, and 14 other countries in the Common Wealth too.

There was an out pouring of love and affection from billions for the lady who, since 1952, has safely steered the country through crisis‘ and celebrations and everything in between. At the same time she became a mother, the head of her family, a grand mother and a great grand mother.

During her 70 years she has also had a huge influence on fashion, and even made appearances on the Front Row of London Fashion Week. Her keen eye for fashion has earned her a fashion icon status, with every outfit in beautiful bold colours, carefully considered, and impeccably accessorised. Never once, in all those 70 years has she succumb to the lure of a pair of oversized jogging bottoms, scrunchy, no make up and shades, even during lockdown.

Whether she is wearing lace, chiffon, colour block, knitted dresses, bold prints, boas or ball gowns, one thing she guarantees is an incredible statement outfit that never fails to wow the adorning crowds.

We fashion salute you Ma’am.

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