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About Molly Cotton

Molly Cotton Clothing was created during the pandemic by myself and my teenage daughter.  We combined our love of fashion to create a  website selling quality fashionable clothes for teens and above.

Sizing is for young ladies from size 6 to 14. The range is affordable, the packaging is environmentally friendly and divine. But most importantly, all Molly Cotton Clothes come with a positive message that supports the wellbeing of our customers. We aim to be all inclusive – no matter what size, shape, hair or skin colour, gender or sexual orientation. Feeling good in our skin is what is important to us.


at Wembley Stadium Sat 18 June 2022 @ 4pm
  1. To be entered into the prize draw on Saturday 4 June simply make:
    – One purchase from the clothing range of www.mollycotton.co.uk,

    – Or, share the competition posts on social media plus sign up to receiving Molly Cotton emails through the website. 

  2. UK only. To be entered into the prize draw by ‘one purchase’ from the clothing range of www.mollycotton.co.uk the item can be from either the Clothes Store/Girls or Clothes Store/Pre-Loved range of clothing.
  3. If the ‘one purchase’ from the clothing range of www.mollycotton.co.uk is returned following entry into the prize draw, the entry will no longer be valid.
  4. If the ‘one purchase’ from the clothing range of www.mollycotton.co.uk is returned in exchange for another size, or item if the item has sold out, entry into the prize draw will still be valid.
  5. Entrants into the prize draw must be beteween 23 April to 4 June 22.
  6. If the winner is aged under 16, parent or guardian  permission will be required to receive the tickets.
  7. By making a Molly Cotton purchase, sharing the social media post and signing up to emails to enter the prize draw, the purchaser automatically gives permission for us to contact them by the email address given. 
  8. Winning tickets will be printed and sent to the winner’s house of residence prior to the event. 
  9. The owner of www.mollycotton.co.uk has final say on any decisions/disputes.

Our Packaging

Our stunning Flamingo Mail Bags are bio-degradable. Inside your order will come wrapped in acid free recyclable tissue paper. Look out for our flamingos coming through your door.
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