There’s Something About Harry

Long before Harry Styles started his latest tour called ‘Love on Tour’, he was making huge waves in the fashion industry with his tank tops, pearl necklaces, blouses and, the most iconic and memorable of all Harry’s fashion moments, by wearing ‘that’ dress on the front cover of Vogue.

to be honest, we absolutely love him all-the-more for blurring the lines and pushing the boundaries when it comes to the more traditional expectations of fashionwear for male pin up pop stars.

Harry’s iconic outfits on his tour so far have been nothing short of fashion deliciousness, with his jump suits, jeans and top sets and dungarees to die for. He has already worn black and white striped contrasting jump suits, and ones with lime green  zig zags with big collars.  His dungarees have also been a huge fave, with Harry wearing one made from denim and one adorned with red love hearts. The mega star has also worn flares and tops combos with glitter vests and colour block tees.

The audience has also got in on the fashion act too, turning up to see him perform wearing feather boas, bright garish block colours, and an abundance of glitter and funky shaped and coloured shades.

Harry has already well and truly cemented his iconic fashion status on this tour, and long may his fashion freedom continue.

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