You are not alone – we all get down or anxious sometimes

It’s important to remember, particularly during Mental Health Awareness Week, that everyone feels anxious and down every now and then. It’s just that some people are really good at hiding it!

Take 25 year old super model Bella Hadid for example. Every day photographed in an amazing outfit swapping effortlessly from preppy styles to leathery rock chick, always the epitome of cool. But, in an interview recently she admitted that she was so anxious on the red carpet at the Met Gala that she didn’t think she ‘was out there for more than three minutes’ before she ‘ran up the stairs.’ This is while others were standing for photos for around 20 minutes.

Underneath all the glitz and glamour, the hair, the clothes, the make up – everyone feels the same fears, and it is far more common than you think. Another example is Selena Gomez who finds touring a ‘really lonely place’ making her depressed and anxious and even having panic attacks before going on stage. She has also been open about how the pressure of being one of the most followed people on social media has affected her mental health.

Social media can have a huge impact on the way you feel about yourself. Even Kendall Jenner has reported suffering panic attacks in the middle of the night because of receiving negative posts on social media.

Sometimes anxiety is triggered by a traumatic event which then results in PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Both Kim Kardashian experiences this type of anxiety since she was robbed in Paris in 2016 and so does poor Arianna Grande. Arianna reports that she has always battled with anxiety, but has understandably worsened since the Manchester bombing.

Singer Kesha became incredibly anxious about eating after her pop star status made her think that she should be skinny. This resulted in an eating disorder where she would make herself sick after eating. And even Lady Gaga has often spoken about her constant struggles with depression and mental illness but has experienced them her whole life. She rightly believes that everyone should be open about anxiety and depression.

There are millions of teenagers experiencing anxiety and depression just like this, and those who have come through the other side, or who have learned how to manage it, all agree that it is important to speak up about it. Don’t hold it in and suffer. There are lots of ways to get help.

Just reach out to someone you trust like a parent, carer, tutor or doctor and tell them.

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